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Posted: December 8, 2013 in Quotes
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Now the purpose of a book I suppose is to amuse, interest,
instruct, but its warmer purpose is to associate with the
reader. You use symbols he can understand so that the two of
you can be together. . . . Let’s take the inner chapters of
_The Grapes of Wrath_. . . . You say the inner chapters were
counterpoint and so they were–that they were pace changers and
they were that, too, but the basic purpose was to hit the
reader below the belt. With the rhythms and symbols of poetry
one can get into a reader–open him up and while he is open
introduce things on an intellectual level which he would not or
could not receive unless he were opened up. It is a
psychological trick if you wish, but all techniques of writing
are psychological tricks. Perspective in painting is a trick,
word sounds are tricks, even arrangement and form are tricks.
And a trick is only good if it is effective. The writer never
knows whether his trick is going to work until he has a reader.

-John Steinbeck