As we come to the end of the third week and the beginning of the fourth and final week of November, the health of your story’s muse becomes increasingly more important.  It’s the last turn of the race – the final stretch, and all you have to do is keep on going until you reach the finish line.

Now, I realize this can be easier said than done, but that’s honestly all there is to it.  Just keep writing, whatever you do.  Think of where your main character has been in your story, and determine where they need to go from there.  Don’t worry about writing what comes next if you have inspiration for another scene, even if it may be out of linear order.  All that matters now is getting those fifty thousand words written and done so that you can move on to more quality and less quantity driven writing sessions.

Running low on inspiration?  Here are a few sites I found by accident while skimming my twitter feed last week.  I found many of these exercises to be very helpful in awakening my inner muse, and now she’s more active than ever.  Check them out for yourself and see if you can find anything useful.  Don’t spend too long browsing, though; you still have writing to do.

Good luck with your fifty thousand word goals, everyone.  You’re nearly there!

Thank you for reading, and have a lovely day.